Welcome to Eye Surgery Belgium

The eye doctors Dr. M. Claeys M.D. and Dr. F. De Wilde M.D. are using the most advanced techniques in eye surgery with a large experience over more than 14 years.

In refractive surgery we use FEMTOLASIK  for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  More than 2 million femtolasik procedures have been performed over the last three years which makes this intervention one of the most popular eye operations ever done.

The surgery is completely bladeless. We use the Visumax laser from Zeiss to create the corneal flap in a customised way.
This laser machine offers the best flap quality up to now. After the flap is made the patient is positioned under the excimer Mel-80 laser with active eyetracking, eye recognition and wavefront data to obtain a level of vision correction and safety previously unattained.  The Zeiss  platform is the golden standard in refractive surgery. 

In the Belgian Ocular laser center (BOLC) where we are working over 20.000 lasik procedures were performed in the past 10 years. In the higher myopes and patients with suspect corneas we do phakic implants like the ICL and Artiflex.

In patients over 45 y. we implant multifocal  and accommodative lenses for correcting presbypia so patients can again see at all distances. This surgery is performed in our private operation theatres.

In cataract surgery we use the MICS technique ( micro incision cataract surgery) with a corneal incision of less than 2 mm. We are implanting the most advanced lenses like accommodative and multifocal lenses. We are performing  simultaneous bilateral consecutive cataract surgery which is less time consuming and as safe as two operations on a different day.

In the older patient group attained with age related macular degeneration (ARMD), we perform intravitreal Avastin injections. The follow up of these patients is done with OCT technology.

All oculoplastic surgeries are performed with the CO2-laser, so blepharoplasty, ptosis and xanthelasmata can be treated in a bloodless manner. Recovery is faster so patients return faster to their daily activities. 

We offer travel and hotel packages on demand, so you , your family or partner enjoy the full beauty of Belgium while you are having your eyes treated.